Big Plans for Miniature Earth

23 07 2008

Over the last week or so I have been working with Alysson Lucca, Founder of Miniature Earth, on the business plan that will see the project evolve into a social enterprise. Our aim will be to sell products to raise funds for NGO´s that are fighting hunger, disease, the consequences of drought, and other problems in the 50 Least Developed Nations as defined by the United Nation.

The only exception will be Brazil, not one of the Least Developed Nations, but the home of the projects founder. It is also a country with extremely under developed regions, many larger than many nations. These regions may well have been on the list if they were countries rather than regions.

I will be regularly updating my blog with news, and I will now be also writing the english version of the miniature Earth Blog

Initially product development will focus on expanding the range of T-shirts, but we will later add other items. These will be retailed by us online and we will also sell wholesale to retailers. We will also licence use of the brand to other brands according to a strict list of criteria.

If you are a retailer interested in buying Miniature Earth products at wholesale prices, or in buying a licence to use the brand please email me:



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