The Curse of Black Gold

2 08 2008

UK newspaper the independent carries a story in todays edition about oil and corruption in Nigeria  and other countries in the region.

Of Nigeria the article says, “This should be paradise. A land of plenty. The finest schools and hospitals, gleaming infrastructure that shames the West, a place where wealth literally oozes out of the marshy undergrowth. This was the dream, anyhow. To say it has turned into a nightmare doesn’t do justice to the horror that the Niger Delta has become; it doesn’t even begin to describe just how disastrous the discovery of oil more than 50 years ago has been for the people who live here.”

The article based on a book, Curse of the Black Gold: 50 Years of Oil in the Niger Delta’, edited by Michael Watts, says those in the Delta have had their land, their lives, their dreams destroyed.

This is another story of corruption and poverty in a land where oil revenues should have put an end to poverty for all.




3 responses

17 08 2008
alex foulon

Please, whose picture is it? There isn’t any credit? Thanks

17 08 2008

The images are by Ed Kashi. Followig the link in ther article and it will take you to the publishers site where you can see the book details.

Thanks for your interest

15 09 2008
Paul Barnett

[…] reported on the Nigerian oil based corruption problem in an earlier post The Curse of Black Gold. Corruption within the Nigerian government is well documented and so is the theft of oil by […]

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