Mexico: "Enough is Enough"

31 08 2008

More than 150,000 Mexicans dressed in white marched on Saturday to protest a wave of kidnappings and gruesome murders, putting pressure on President Felipe Calderon to meet his promises to crack down on crime.

Demonstrators filled the capital’s historic Zocalo Square, holding candles and pictures of kidnap victims and bearing signs that read, “Enough Is Enough”.

Mexico is one of the worst countries in the world for abductions, along with conflict zones like Iraq and Colombia. Much of the crime relates to battles for the control of drugs routes.

Most crimes in Mexico go unsolved, with corrupt police and justice officials often complicating investigations.

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2 responses

1 09 2008

Super reporting Paul….Very impressed

14 09 2008
Mexico: Police No Better Than Criminals « Paul Barnett

[…] Police No Better Than Criminals 14 09 2008 As I reported here recently, Mexicans are saying “Enough is Enough” but as The Times (UK) recently reported, they cannot reply on the police to help solve the recent […]

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