Don't blame me, I have many lovers, says corrupt Chinese official

8 09 2008

After the seriousness of my last post regarding Darfur, here is a ridiculous one. I spotted an article in today’s Guardian Newspaper (UK). Unwittingly, or not, a Chinese blogger highlighted one of the problems of corruption in his country. His post lists several of the excuses given by officials who were caught. The pathetic excuses show just how trivial the matter is considered, how much corruption is just part of the culture.

Unfortunately corruption is part of the culture in countries, and the fact it is makes it really hard to deal eradicate. Overcoming the “Culture of Corruption” problem when it is part of daily life requires a campaign to expose the negative impact of every example from the apparently trivial, to the obviously serious. Changing the culture form one of acceptance or toleration has to be the starting point. This is the aim of Artists Against Corruption.

To get back to the Guardian’s article, perhaps the funniest example given is the case of Liu Songtao, the former head of the Chongqing number three hospital, blamed his irresistible charm for his travails. According to the official state news agency Xinhua, he was sentenced to 12 years for taking bribes. Questioned about his numerous affairs, he acknowledged: “I have lovers. Many women like me, I have no other way.”

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