Corruption Can Be Faught

25 09 2008

The Economist Magazine highlights Indonesia’s recent success in fighting corruption. The article says, “At last it is possible to detect signs that Indonesia is making progress against its rampant corruption, ” and points to the fact that in the latest in a series of spectacular busts by its Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), on September 16th investigators pounced on a director of the anti-monopoly agency at a Jakarta hotel, as a businessman allegedly bunged him 500m rupiah ($53,000).

The results are also evident In Transparency International’s annual Corruption Perceptions Index, published this week, Indonesia improved its lowly ranking, coming 126th out of 180 countries; last year it was 143rd out of 179 countries surveyed. Its “cleanliness” score has risen modestly since the KPK was created in 2002. Buoyed by public support, the agency is calling for those convicted of graft to be dressed in garish uniforms and thrown into the same special jail that houses terrorists.




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