Corruption in Brazil

3 03 2010

The Money Trail is the title of an article in the current issue of the Economist magazine. It gives a very good insight into the situation in the country and reports on the latest scandal that has left the leader of the country´s capital city Brasilia behind bars, and the city itself effectively leaderless. The outcome of the case will be interesting. As the Economist point out past cases have rarely resulted in sections of any kind against the accused, and many return to office.

It is perhaps for this reason that a recent opinion poll CNT/Sensus poll which interviewed 2,000 people in 24 states in 136 municipalities between January 25 and 29, found corruption to be the number one concern of Brazilians, even topping crime and violence. And nearly 70% thought it was on the increase.

Asked about institutions they trusted, 69.8% said they trusted the Armed Forces always; 49.8% said they always trusted the media; 40,1% trusted the government; 37.8% trusted the judicial system; 37.5% trusted the police; 36% trusted people in public service; and 9.3% said they trusted the Congress.

The finger has been pointed at Lula on several occasions during his administration. His family and close colleagues have been implicated in claims made, but he has always claimed to be unaware of any wrong doing and his image does not seem to have been tarnished much. Perhaps this is because the problem is nothing new and Brazilians have grown used to what they call the Culture of Corruption. Indeed, the dream of most Brazilians is to join the public service that only 36% trust. “If you can´t beat them join them” would seem to be their motto.

Economist Article

Survey details



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