AAC Focus: Corruption and Poverty

4 03 2010

Whilst there are many consequences of corruption, Artists Against Corruption will focus on one:  The link between corruption and poverty. 

Why this focus?

  • Because 80% of the Least Developed Countries are also the most corrupt, forcing 750 million people to live on less than $2 a day (2005), a figure expected to rise to 950 million by 2015;
  • Because donors and governments still treat poverty and corruption as separate issues – the lack of policy integration has undermined efforts to fight both;
  • Because failure to adopt a single strategy to fight both means that over $600bn in foreign Aid and debt relief to Africa over 40 years achieved zero growth in the region and;
  • Because aid, instead of eradicating poverty, sustains corrupt and incompetent governments.

If there is a lack of understanding about the link between corruption and poverty where it is most evident, imagine how little understanding there is in countries where it is less obvious. 

When you consider these points I am sure you will come to the same conclusions I did, that AAC should focus on this single issue, shining on it a light so strong that policy makers, donors, and governments must notice and act.

Please support the project in whatever way you can.

Paul Barnett – Founder, Artists Against Corruption



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