Research Help Required

24 03 2010

In the last week or so I have been researching past work by artists relating to the issue of corruption. I have come across quite a lot, most in music and painted art.

It seems that quite a lot of work has been done at local and national levels, but little has been done internationally. It would also appear that most efforts have been related to single, sporadic events unconnected to other events.

These efforts have all helped to play a part in raising awareness of the issues, but I think it is now time to try to coordinate these efforts as part of an ongoing campaign in order to maximise the effectiveness of them. This is the idea behind Artists Aagainst Corruption.

To grow the project quickly I would appreciate any help you might be able to give in putting together a database of artists of all types that are known to have some sympathy with our objectives. The database will help us in the planning of future exhibitions, performances, publications etc.

Please email me with any information you may have about artists that have tried to address the issue of corruption or poverty in anyway. By doing so you will significantly help this project.

Many Thanks, Paul


Food Aid Diverted to Corrupt Contractors

11 03 2010

The BBC today reported that, ” Up to half the food aid in Somalia is diverted to corrupt contractors, local UN workers and Islamist militants” according to a leaked UN report. The report, by the UN monitoring group in Somalia, is particularly critical of the UN’s own World Food Programme and recommends an independent inquiry. Full Story

Nigeria Charges Ex-Governor With Embezzling $100M

4 03 2010

Reuters reports that, “Nigeria’s anti-graft police have charged a former state governor with embezzling 15 billion naira, court papers showed on Thursday, in the first such case since Acting President Goodluck Jonathan assumed executive powers.” Full Report

Jordan Arrests Ex-Minister and Three Others

4 03 2010

A military tribunal on Thursday ordered the remand into custody of four Jordanians, including a former finance minister, over corruption charges, overturning an earlier decision to let them out on bail, one of their lawyers is quoted as saying in Agence France-Presse Full Article

Guatemala Police Chief and Drug Czar Arrested

4 03 2010

As U.S. Funded drug wars pressure cartels in Mexico and Colombia the cartels are invading other countries. The article reports that, “Few countries exemplify the corruption more than Guatemala, where the current government’s drug czar and the national police chief were arrested Tuesday as the alleged leaders of a gang of police who stole more than 1,500 pounds of cocaine from traffickers. Nelly Bonilla and National Police Chief Baltazar Gomez were the latest in a string of top law enforcement jailed for drug-related corruption in recent years.” Full Story

Indonesian Parliament Calls for Bailout Investigation

4 03 2010

Associated Press reports that Indonesian’s parliament called for a criminal investigation into a $715 million government bailout of Bank Century. Full Story

Former Seimens CEO fined in Bribes for Contracts Case

4 03 2010

German prosecutors have fined former Siemens AG chief executive Heinrich von Pierer in an investigation into a corruption scandal. He was accused of  negligently violating his supervisory obligations. Full Story