Artists against Corruption (AAC) needs support. You can support the project in many ways, as an individual, and organization or a company. 

Buy Our Merchandise 

Organic Campaign T-Shirts $24.99 ($5 contribution to future arts projects)


We have developed products that bear out logo. They include organic campaign T-Shirts and other gifts. In addition to show your support and spreading the word, a few dollars from each sale will help fund future art based projects that will generate yet more awareness of the link between corruption and poverty. Buy any T-Shirt and you will be contributing at least $5 to the funding of future projects! Visit the shop and see all the merchandise at 

Corporate Support      

Customise Our Products With Your Logo and Show Your Support  

Our gifts can be customised with the addition of your logo and a statement of support for Artists Against Corruption. You can then use these products as corporate gifts to that your business or organization supports the fight against corruption and poverty. Please mail us for details 

In-Kind Support    

If you are a business or organisation that can offer a product or service you think we can benefit from, you could show your support by making a donation of time, expertise or products. We have had the support of the graphic design agency Mooz who created our logo and identity. 

Make a Statement of Support 

A statement of support from your business or organization will cost you nothing and it is quick and easy to do, but an expression of support communicates a powerful message. The largest anti-corruption agency in the world, Transparency International already made such a statement which we are able to use to promote our cause. Could you do the same? 


We are currently working on the details of sponsorship opportunities. Please email is if you would like to receive them when they are ready. 

If you have other ideas about ways you could support AAC please email us.

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