Artists Against Corruption Gets an Identity

15 08 2008

Artists Against Corruption has a new logo and identity created by our partners, the design agency MOOZ. They have also come up with some great campaign ideas.

Concept as a Presentation Cover

Concept as a Presentation Cover

Visually the concept conveys the the distructive consequences of corruption, and the idea that corruption spreads. The saying goes, “one bad apple destroys the others”, and many cultures have a phrase that means the same. 

Interestingly the rot on the apple is a stylised world map, this indicates that Artists Against Corruption is an international organisation that has been established to raise awareness of an international problem, the link between corruption and poverty.

I think Mooz came up with a brilliant concept that is very distinctive and will seen be visible and well recognised.       

My Personal Blog

18 07 2008

For the first time I have a personal blog. A way to keep friends around the world informed about what I am up to.

As usual I have to many ideas and ambitions, so I recently decided to focus on those I really believe in. This decision came in the last few days during which I have been out of action with Flu. There is not much good to say about that, except it gave me time to stop and think. I thought about the various projects I am working on, and how they are all going. After a careful assessment of each I decided it was time to make some hard decisions.

To cut a long story short, I concluded that I need to get more focused. If I don´t my ideas will remain no more than that, just ideas.

Then I had to decide what to focus on. I scored the projects against a set of criteria, recognising that some are far more important than others. Of most importance to me is to work on projects that: I feel passionate about, employ the skills I have, will give me opportunity and freedom, are likely to succeed, and will make some positive difference to the world.

You will notice money does not feature in the list. Of course it matters, but I believe it will come as a consequence of doing what I feel passionate about.

I will focus on using my marketing skills as a social entrepreneur, developing branded businesses that will make a positive impact on the world by being eco, ethical and, in some cases, campaign focused.

From now on I am going to split my time between Artists Against Corruption, Miniature Earth, BR-JAZZ and a few commitments yet to expire.

I am already seeing the benefits of being more focused. The results are good. And, the most important of these is the fact that I am really excited about what I am doing.

I hope that you will also be interested in the projects, that you may be able to help and support them either directly or in-directly.

Until the next post…….