Research Help Required

24 03 2010

In the last week or so I have been researching past work by artists relating to the issue of corruption. I have come across quite a lot, most in music and painted art.

It seems that quite a lot of work has been done at local and national levels, but little has been done internationally. It would also appear that most efforts have been related to single, sporadic events unconnected to other events.

These efforts have all helped to play a part in raising awareness of the issues, but I think it is now time to try to coordinate these efforts as part of an ongoing campaign in order to maximise the effectiveness of them. This is the idea behind Artists Aagainst Corruption.

To grow the project quickly I would appreciate any help you might be able to give in putting together a database of artists of all types that are known to have some sympathy with our objectives. The database will help us in the planning of future exhibitions, performances, publications etc.

Please email me with any information you may have about artists that have tried to address the issue of corruption or poverty in anyway. By doing so you will significantly help this project.

Many Thanks, Paul

First Artist Joins BR-JAZZ

23 07 2008

The first artists to join us is Zé Manoel. Zé and his music personify much of what being Brazilian means. The country is often referred to as the “Melting Pot” because of the blend of Indigenous, African, European and even Asian races. And each race had it´s influence on Brazilian culture, also a ”melting pot”.

Zé personifies this because he can trace his roots from many races, most obvious are his indigenous and african features. His music is also a mix of many influences:

“My music style is not BossaNova, but is influenced by it. My other influences include those that inspired Bossa Nova – Samba, Bolero, Samba-Canção and Jazz. Additionally I am influenced by my studies in classical piano, and more generally by the folk music, Baião, Toada and Mazurka, of my childhood in the countryside of  Northeast Brazil.”


Although at an early stage in his career, he has already attracted a great deal of national attention and won the Geraldo Azevedo Music Festival twice, in 2006 & 2007.


On 1st August this year Zé launches his new album “Original Blend” in association with BR-JAZZ. The tracks feature a blend of Jazz influences typical of the various regions of Brazil. All are original compositions and the lyrics are also a blend based on themes from north and south, past and present. Some are inspired by Brazilian folk tales. 

The compilation includes Chorinho from the late 19th century, a sound that continued through the decades and can still be heard frequently today. There are also Bossa Nova melodies and even Maracatu, most often associated with carnival in the Northeast, and with roots going back to the times of slavery over four centuries ago.

The title BLEND alludes to the idea of the “melting pot” mixture of influences, but also to one of Brazil´s most famous exports, coffee. and ORIGINAL as this is Zé´s debut album.  

Zé is author of the music score and all lyrics. He is also pianist and vocalist. But, he is also proud to say that several tracks feature guest vocalists and musicians – Brazilian´s from other parts of the Brazil, and as far away as Paris

Eloisa was born in Rio de Janeiro where her father, a percussionist, taught her misic when she was young. At the age of 17 she started work as a model and moved to Paris where she also developed a singing career, doing sessions with musicians and working in many Brazilian revues. With her sensibility, Eloisa is a perfect performer of Bossa Nova. Recently she also recorded 4 tracks on the new album Hollywood Mon Amour by Nouvelle Vague, performers at the London Bossa Nova Festival 2008

BR-JAZZ are proud to introduce Zé Manoel to an international audience at the start of what we are sure will be a long and promising music career.  

Other Jazz artists are invited to contact us if they are interested in being promoted by BR-JAZZ.