Plans for Artists Against Corruption

19 07 2008

The project will begin in Brazil and evolve according to a development plan (below). Once the model has been tested I will actively look for partners in other countries and help them implement the model.

In an effort to keep things simple my 10 point plan is as follows:

  • Establish partnerships with NGO´s fighting corruption
  • Find a celebrity to be the “face of the campaign”
  • Plan to implement the first event – to raise awareness and establish a first income stream
  • Open an online shop to sell a growing collection of products
  • Look for sponsors that can help finance growth
  • Develop the calendar of events (with a focus on 9th December United Nations Anti-Corruption Day)
  • Develop a marketing and communications plan based on the event calendar
  • Enlist the support of partners to help promote events relevant to them
  • Look for retail partners who may support the campaign and expand the distribution of products
  • Develop a 2-5year plan designed to expand the range and number of events

Artists Against Corruption will be operated as a Social Enterprise, defined as “A profit-making businesses set up to tackle a social or environmental need.” ( Social Enterprise Coalition).

“The Social Enterprise Coalition view is that a social enterprise is not defined by its legal status but by its nature: its social aims and outcomes, the basis on which its social mission is embedded in its structure and governance, and the way it uses the profits it generates through its trading activities.

I am in the process of defining all this more clearly. But, my goal is to ensure the project is sustainable and not dependent on sponsorship and donations for its survival. This will reduce the risks of failure, and more importantly it will help us remain impartial.

Ideally I would like to make sufficient profit from trading to cover all operational costs and ensure that we are self-financed. In addition we will welcome sponsorship and donations to help us finance the expansion of the project. The names of all donors will be made public, and no donations will be accepted from political parties. I am currently developing a list of other criteria and drafting a declaration statement that all sponsors will be expected to sign.

My agenda also includes a lot more thought on how to structure and manage international development and the realtionship with international partners. Currently I am thinking that we may look to offer a franchise to a management office in each country. The franchisee would then be responsible for implementing the development plan their territory.

I certainly see the NGO´s we support and the artists involved as stakeholders. Other stakeholders will be donors, sponsors and celebrity endorsers. We will be accountable, and report to, all.   

To help me with development plans I would love to hear from anyone that has comments, ideas or experience to share. If you are interested in being a partner or sponsor I would also like to hear from you.