UPDATE: BBC Feature on Artists Against Corruption

28 03 2010

The interviews on Friday in New York were a great success according to the journalist Humphrey Hawksley who sent me the following message at the end of the day:  “Paul, the shoot has just finished and it was excellent. Brilliant people”.   The artists involved were similarly happy with the way things went.   Now we await the date of the broadcast.

My last post about this shoot in New York mentioned the story of the photographer’s concerns about possible reprisals and his wish to remain anonymous. In the end he chose not to do the interview out of concern for the safety of his family.   But, all was not lost.   We will be using the images under the pseudonym El Bailar (The Dancer), a double entendre which the photographer chose because as he explained “in contemporary street language to dance is to fight!”  The name El Bailar will now be used for a global campaign. 

The El Bailar Photography project is Artists Against Corruption’s first international campaign.  The project already has the support of the world´s largest anti-corruption agency, Transparency International.   Photographers around the world are encouraged to produce a banner similar to that in the image below.

The banner should then be used to highlight the consequences of corruption with one or more photographs, which should be submitted with news about the particular corruption case (maximum 500 words).

On this site, we will tell the stories and maintain an image bank.  We encourage photographers to build campaign momentum by passing the banner on to another photographer in another region when they have finished using it themselves. 

The objective of the campaign is to raise awareness of the scale of the problem and the diversity of its consequences.  Our aim is to influence the policies and actions  of individuals, organizations and governments by portraying corruption in this very powerful way. 

Images should be sent to ElBailar@artistsagainstcorruption.org