Election Bribery in Iraq

3 03 2010

The second national elections since the USA invaded Iraq in 2003 are approaching, and reporters for Reuters have found evidence of widespread gift giving according to a report in the National Post of Canada. These gifts are said to include cash, guns, mobile phones and watches according to the report. Full Report   

War, Corruption & Poverty

22 07 2008

In the last article about “Aid, Corruption & Poverty” is sited an article talking about aid to Afghanistan. There the problems continue and the lessons have not yet been learnt. Worse still, the same mistakes are being made in Iraq.

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF IRAQI RECONSTRUCTION MONEY money entrusted to the American Coalition? In just fourteen months, the CPA burned its way through nearly $20 billion. But no-one can account for where it all went. Iraq’s infrastructure is worse than ever before. Operating theatres are flooded with sewage. New-born babies are dying for lack of basic equipment. In this shocking ‘Dispatches’ investigation, Iraqi doctor Ali Fadhil goes in search of the missing money. He uncovers a horrific story of fraud, incompetence and corruption.

Click here If you want to see the full video (47min)