BBC Feature on Artists Against Corruption

26 03 2010

Today the BBC´s Humphrey Hawksley is in New York to interview five artists for a news feature on Artists Against Corruption. It will be broadcast internationally. With less than a weeks notice we managed to pull together a great group of artists: photographer, sculptor, painter, multimedia and performance artist.

The gathering of these artists has already produced results. The photographer involved did not have appropriate images as of Monday this week, but managed to get a banner produced with the wording, “Closed Due to Mismanagement of Funds”, and used this in a series of shots of a hospital, park, public space and play ground, all in his home town.

The full story of this shoot is documented in Case Study 1: The First AAC Inspired Campaign, but in summary we can tell you that it became a great story in itself, demonstrating the problem of exposing corruption. Out of fear for the safety of his family, the photographer in question asked that his work be published under a  pseudonym El Bailar to hide is identity. This is the fear of reprisal felt in an American city. So, imagine the fear a whistle-blower may feel if they live in a dictatorship! This is why corruption is often never exposed!

Having overcome his fear by hiding his identity, we are still able to use his images to launch what we hope will be an international campaign. AAC calls on photographers around the world to follow this example. To create a banner with the same wording, but in your own language, and take similar images. Send the images with the related story (max. 500 words) to Please include your contact details.

Our plan is to use these images to produce future media coverage, all with the aim of generating awareness of the consequences of corruption, and the scale of the problem.