Corruption is the greatest obstacle to reducing poverty.

Artists Against Corruption is an international independent organization that encourages artists to focus attention on the effects of corruption. By asking the question “what does corruption look like?” we aim to portray the consequences and give a voice to its victims. In this way our campaigns put pressure on individuals, organizations and governments to address the problem wherever it exists.

The project has the support of Transparency International, a leading anti-corruption agency with approximately 100 offices worldwide. In support of Artists Against Corruption they said:

“In expressing the link between corruption and poverty through music, theatre, dance, art, photography and other art forms, the campaign will make people aware that corruption is one of the biggest obstacles to reducing poverty. This initiative helps advance our mission, to create change towards a world free of corruption.”

Artists Against Corruption would like to hear from artists, theatres, galleries, sponsors and anyone interested in supporting the campaign as a partner organization, or as an individual. We also welcome interests from journalists wishing to explose the link between corruption and poverty.

Already our thanks goes to the creative design agency Mooz who developed the logo and identity for us. Mooz is a boutique design agency, amongst the best in Brazil.  

Paul Barnett (Founder)


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